Layoff survivors, How to cope?

Last Friday, like many of you, I read in the news that Google laid off 12k employees…Having worked for 11 years at Google and recently resigned (after a nearly two-year decision process) I am still shocked by this decision and sad thinking about my former colleagues 😔 …

While a lot has been written about how to bounce back after being laid off, little is said about the others: the layoff survivors. The ones who lost valued colleagues, the ones who feel guilt, the ones who wait for information about their own fate…

👉 Managers and leaders in this situation, you play a critical role in supporting your team members. I am humbly sharing some best practices:

Be authentic and empathic

Acknowledge and share your feelings while welcoming those of your team members. You can for instance organise a meeting for people to connect, express feelings (loss, anger, guilt, worry, sadeness, anxiety, demotivation…), listen to each other and share personal stories. Research shows that acknowledging emotions is necessary to overcome difficult situations and support wellbeing. 


In difficult times such as layoff, effective communication is even more critical and impactful. Share information and updates from leadership as frequently as they are released and to every team member via team meeting and 1:1s. Invite your team to ask questions, recognise you may not have all the answers but that you will be looking for answers and get back to them. 

Focus on the controllables and encourage your team to do so

Invest energy and thoughts on what you and your team can influence i.e. what is known and can be acted on. Let go of the rest. By doing so everyone will feel less on a string and more in control. For instance, connect with former colleagues and offer support (write recommendations, share their profile with your networks…). To preserve mental health, you and your team members should also maintain daily routines (ex: morning routines, exercise habits, work schedule…). If you feel insecure about your job’s future, take action (check your financial health, review your resume,..) and develop a plan in case it happens. 


Interested in sharing your personal experience and recommendations, do not hesitate to get in touch 


At last, to recent Xooglers and Googlers, receive all my energy and love

💛💛 …to my friends celebrating chinese new year Gong xi fa cai 🐰


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Take care 


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