Are frequent business trips taking a toll on your wellbeing✈️?

 I have got firsthand best practices to safeguard your wellbeing while business travelling!👇🏼


As my husband had embarked on a 2-week trip to Asia, I invited friends for dinner tomorrow night, only to find out that 60% of them were also away!


While business travel may not have returned to pre-covid levels, many of YOU are back on the road (or in the air) to connect with clients and teams. And although business travel has its exciting side🥳(no kids bedtime stress! Quiet solo time!). Business trips also come with drawbacks!😱 As a former frequent business traveller, one of my biggest challenges was the impact on my wellbeing: disrupting my healthy routines, over-working since I was ‘alone’, spending time in traffic (Jakarta!), etc.. Thus surveys also show a strong correlation between the frequency of business trips and poor physical and mental health. 


Here are some simple best practices to safeguard your wellbeing and thrive in the long run: 



Create a realistic agenda to avoid unnecessary stress. Too many meetings in a day especially in heavy traffic and no public transport can be counterproductive! Minimise travel outside working hours and assert your boundaries: Nobody wants to be a Sunday night lounge loser!! My golden rule for team events: no Monday morning or Friday afternoon sessions! 



I would pack flat shoes and pick a hotel within walking distance to the office! I would also pack sports shoes and pick a hotel with a gym / park nearby for morning workouts! I would organise 1:1 walking meetings (see my post in comment) and team walk to restaurants! Exercises, even light, will keep your energy level up! 



You stay hydrated (especially after air travel) and away from too much coffee or plastic bottles! With nuts, fruits or cereal bars in your bag, you avoid indulging in junk food when you miss lunch!



to prevent crazy work backlogs post-trip! Prepare your out of the office email so people know you are unavailable and that you are delegating urgent issues / usual meetings’ attendance to your empowered team members! 


To further protect your wellbeing, also consider reducing the frequency of your trips: check my post on the art of saying No (in comment) for insights.

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