Have you taken wellbeing into consideration in your 2023 strategy?

Through January, a number of you will finalise their 2023 strategy & team KPIs. It is never an easy task and certainly not this year given the economic uncertainty but while performance, results and productivity are surely at the centre of your plan, wellbeing must not be forgotten! In fact wellbeing drives performance (see Why Wellbeing? for more details). 

👉 So how do you integrate wellbeing into your 2023 plan? Here are three simple tips:

Co-define with your team a mission

that will be meaningful for them and in line with your organisation’s vision. Indeed research shows i) that meaning in life (and work is the primary way to pursue meaning in life) positively influences wellbeing and ii) that employees whose job is meaningful are 1.4 times more engaged at work. == > performance 

Reduce ambiguity

providing clarity on team’s members and stakeholders roles and responsibilities, KPIs and success metrics. As surprising as it could be, I faced work ambiguity once at Google;  and this was my most stressful work experience – beyond working on GDPR and data privacy! 

Prioritise team’s workload

realistically in line with your team resources. By doing so you prevent your team from being overwhelmed and reduce risk of burnout. I recommend the comprehensive approach of the 4D method (Delay, Delegate, Drop & Do). 

So, How wellbeing-proof is your 2023 plan? Get in touch to tell me more. 

Take care 

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