Kindness: Our superpower🦸🏻‍♀️

In a world marked with conflicts and tensions, today is World Kindness Day. Kindness is our superpower that can…👇🏼


🌏Initiate a ripple effect across the world:

Research shows that people who witness acts of kindness are inspired to perform kind acts themselves…so when we are kind, we inspire others to do the same creating a much-needed ripple effect that spreads kindness to the world.


👍🏻 Improve your wellbeing:

Studies show that practising kindness has positive effects on physical health (strengthening the immune system…), on mental health (reducing anxiety, improving happiness…) and on social wellbeing (building trust and support). It also provides a much-needed sense of purpose and meaning in life!


👉🏼 Let’s ALL embark on a 10-day kindness challenge!

It means for the next 10 days engage in acts of kindness such as smiling at a stranger, chatting at the receptionist, allowing s.o. out in front of you while driving, expressing extra gratitude to the waiter, buying lunch for a homeless person, donating…you will discover many opportunities throughout your days to be kind, noticing the positive impact to others’ lives and to yours…Are you in?

🫶🏼 Remember every day we all have the chance to choose kindness over anger, hate and selfishness…influencing our world positively…It is indeed our superpower🦸🏻‍♀️ that benefit not only others but ourself!!! 


Not successful enough, Not good enough, Too big …Would you talk to your friends this way? No! So let’s start treating yourself as a friend👇🏼

Being kind to yourself isn’t a sign of weakness, complacency or selfishness; it actually brings numerous benefits. Research shows that practising self-kindness can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, while enhancing resilience, connectedness, and the immune system 💪🏼. While being tough on yourself may lead to short term achievements, it often results in long term unhappiness 😞.

Being kind to ourselves is not easy because of the limiting beliefs we grew up with (#Imustbeperfect!), but here are my 3 tips:

⚠️ Pay attention…

 to your thoughts, your feelings and your body sensations. Welcome your moods even the negative ones allowing yourself to be sad, disappointed… Listening to my body, mind and heart helped me prevent burnout by recognizing signs I had ignored for years.

✋🏼 Stop judging yourself

 instead understand your shortcomings and offer self-comfort. It took me 40 years to be able to acknowledge when I need a break and allow myself to take it without considering myself lazy!! Also stop comparing yourself with others: we ALL navigate challenges whatever the photos say.

👏🏼 Set gentle expectations for yourself:

Goals that are achievable taking into account our personal circumstances and the complexities of life. We set ourselves up for failure and fatigue when expectations aren’t gentle. I gave birth six months ago and I purposely take my time to fully bounce back, being kind to myself.

Be patient, self-kindness 🫶🏼 is a journey not a destination. The next time you catch yourself being unkind to yourself, think about this post and consider treating yourself as your dear friend. 🤗

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