Wellbeing tips from my baby!

Noah was born last May 😍. Since then he has been an authentic wellbeing role-model and our family wellbeing booster! 

Taking the time to observe and reflect during these last few months spent with Noah, I have found it fascinating how babies naturally practise wellbeing basics…And so let me share with you Noah’s simple and effective wellbeing tips that you should not wait for a baby to come to practise! 👇🏼


😄 Smile & Laugh!

Have you noticed how much babies smile and how much their smiles are contagious! Everywhere we go, Noah cheers everyone…Smiles and laughs are incredibly powerful: they release several feel-good hormones making us happier, healthier, more energetic, less stressed…


🤗 Cuddle!

Good news: science proved that you can NOT hold your baby too much! Essential to child development, cuddling releases oxytocin (the love hormone) facilitating bonding, relaxation, sleep… and reduces stress level (cortisol). No baby in hands…cuddling older loved ones or pets works too…


😴 Rest!

Newborns nap frequently, sleeping up to 18 hours a day! And so I try to follow – as often as I could – the aged-old but critical advice: sleep when your baby sleeps, sleep early…We know how breaks through the day and good quality/quantity sleep are essential to mental and physical health! 


👇🏼Be in the moment. Babies live in the present; research shows that they do not think about the future yet making them free of worries about tomorrow. As adults, we do worry (normal and even useful when not extreme) and practising mindfulness (formal or informal) can help us to focus on the ‘’now’’. 


PS: Postpartum depression is real. I had some down moments too…

PPS: I am conscious that we are privileged to have a healthy child, a wonderful nanny and supportive family & friends.

PPPS: First and last photos of my baby’s face on social media 😉 


!! Welcome back to me from maternity leave !!

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