Who’s Responsible for Employees’ Wellbeing?

 This question, often raised in wellbeing forums, is essential to the success of wellbeing strategies and interventions in the workplace.

Are employees responsible for their own wellbeing? Should it be owned by the management & leadership? Or by the organisation? policymakers? To me It is a collective responsibility and each party’s role is crucial👇🏼:


– Employees are ultimately responsible to make the changes or not to improve their wellbeing as well as to share with the management and the organisation the challenges hindering their wellbeing.


– Managers and Leadership are responsible to create a company culture of wellbeing based on healthy management practices such as showing gratitude and kindness, empowering team members, celebrating achievements, setting priorities, clarifying R&R and instilling a sense of purpose…


– Organisations must invest in effective and personalised programs, policies, trainings and benefits to facilitate employees’ access to better wellbeing and to support managers in making a culture of wellbeing possible.


– Policymakers also have a key role to play – regulating working conditions and setting legal frameworks (Ex: Right to disconnect passed in France, Canada…)


❓What do you think? Collective responsibility or not?

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