Q1 Stress Management Workshops

Are you a professional feeling overwhelmed with stress in the workplace and/or at home? Are you willing to make a change? Wellbeing Your Potential Stress Management Workshop has been designed for you.


Your Objectives, Our Commitment and Expertise: Embark on a transformative journey with us. Our stress management workshops are tailored to help you develop self-awareness towards stress, learn & practice coping techniques, and grow your resilience. Each session includes both educational information on the concept of Stress and group coaching moments where participants can share and learn from each other in a safe environment. Benefit from the guidance of our facilitator: Aurélie Gautier – Founder of Wellbeing Your Potential, Coach trained at Duke University (USA) and specialised in Stress Mastering. 


Format & Fees: Small group, 1 hour weekly for 6 weeks, available in English or in French, 150Euros per pax. 


Validity: Offer valid until February 29, 2024 – starting in March 2024! 


Ready to make a change? Don’t miss this chance to master your stress. Want to know more, contact us now 

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