Kindness: Our superpower🦸🏻‍♀️

In a world marked with conflicts and tensions, today is World Kindness Day. Kindness is our superpower that can…👇🏼   🌏Initiate a ripple effect across the world: Research shows that people who witness acts of kindness are inspired to perform kind acts themselves…so when we are kind, we inspire others to do the same creating […]

Are frequent business trips taking a toll on your wellbeing✈️?

 I have got firsthand best practices to safeguard your wellbeing while business travelling!👇🏼   As my husband had embarked on a 2-week trip to Asia, I invited friends for dinner tomorrow night, only to find out that 60% of them were also away!   While business travel may not have returned to pre-covid levels, many […]

Who’s Responsible for Employees’ Wellbeing?

 This question, often raised in wellbeing forums, is essential to the success of wellbeing strategies and interventions in the workplace. Are employees responsible for their own wellbeing? Should it be owned by the management & leadership? Or by the organisation? policymakers? To me It is a collective responsibility and each party’s role is crucial👇🏼:   […]

Wellbeing tips from my baby!

Noah was born last May 😍. Since then he has been an authentic wellbeing role-model and our family wellbeing booster!  Taking the time to observe and reflect during these last few months spent with Noah, I have found it fascinating how babies naturally practise wellbeing basics…And so let me share with you Noah’s simple and […]

Work life balance is not what we should aim for!!

Work life balance is not what we should aim for ! A critical thinking 🤔 about work life balance… Work life balance is typically understood as a state of equilibrium ⚖️ between work and personal life demands. A desirable goal, a frustrating search, a myth, or a buzzword…🤔 Should we even aim for it? I […]

Walking meeting, the underrated wellbeing practise!

Walking Meeting is one of my favourite wellbeing practices: highly beneficial and easy to do daily!   This week I am in Brittany 🙂, a perfect place to talk about ‘walking meeting’! If you don’t know about it, it simply consists of going for a walk during a meeting instead of staying at your desk, […]

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