Developing Kindness

Being kind and practising acts of kindness are not always considered as a priority by organisations. However research shows the benefits of practising kindness in the workplace. For instance companies with a kind culture gain competitive advantage as employees are happier, healthier, more engaged and more performant. Relationships and trust also strengthen. It has also been proven that kindness is contagious even at work, spreading further kindness and positive emotions among the organisation.


Build a culture of kindness within your team and your organisation by raising awareness of the benefits of kindness in organisations and learning about kindness practises


Online or in-person, self-served or facilitated session, including presentations, brainstormings, and discussions...with option for monthly or quarterly follow-up session(s)


75 mins
Option: 45-min follow up sessions


Up to 12 team members (functional or cross-functional teams)

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