Coping with stress & growing resilience

In today’s complex, dynamic and high-pressure work environment, work-related stress has reached an all-time high with 44% of the worldwide workforce reporting high levels of daily stress (Global Workplace 2022 Report). It is therefore more than ever critical to learn to:

  • Deal with stress by addressing the sources of stress (stressors) and by moderating the stress responses (psychological and physiological impacts)
  • Develop copying techniques such as Resilience.

Learning to manage stress and developing resilience reduce the negative effects of stress such as burnout, turnover, lack of motivation and improve performance and wellbeing.


Develop self awareness towards stress, Learn and practise coping techniques, Grow individual and team resilience to reach sustainable team performance and support wellbeing


Up to 7 sessions (full program) online and facilitated, including presentations, brainstormings, discussions, and debriefs


60 mins each


Up to 12 people

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