About Wellbeing

Research including from Gallup and others, has proven that wellbeing is a driver of organisation’s sustainable performance.

Caring about employees’ wellbeing positively impacts their ability to be productive and innovative, manage stress, and stay fully engaged. It also leads to greater organisation profitability and customer satisfaction. For instance the stock performance of US companies promoting workplace health and well-being outperformed the stock market index S&P 500.

On the other hand, neglecting wellbeing at work has unprecedented negative impacts on burnout, turnover rates, sick leave, motivation, work satisfaction and more…and therefore on your organisation’s sustainable success.

What are you waiting for? Why is this even debated anymore?

At Wellbeing your potential (WYP), we love to measure success! We have a number of tools to assess our interventions’ outcomes and can work with you on the most relevant to your team’s and organisational needs.

Logistics & Pricing

Content and durations have been set up for optimal outcomes but WYP would love to hear what you have in mind and how you would like your program to be!

Self-served means that WYP will provide you with the required resources (video guides, decks, facilitator handout) and make it simple for you or someone in your team to run this workshop on your own! Self-served option is not only cheaper but also empowers the facilitator (you or a team member) by raising its facilitation and leadership skills.

The prices depend on the length of the intervention, the format (online vs. in person, self-served vs. facilitated) and the level of customisation required.

They can be proposed in english, french or spanish

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