Why Wellbeing

Wellbeing at work is a driver of your organisation’s sustainable performance.

Wellbeing is not only the right thing to do for your employees’ physical and mental health but it also increases your employees’ ability to be productive and innovative, manage stress, and stay fully engaged. It also leads to greater organisation profitability, financial performance and customer satisfaction.

1 to 5.3

Average return for employers investing in mental health 

(Deloitte UK Mental Health Report 2022)

The stock performance of US companies promoting workplace health and well-being outperformed the stock market index S&P 500.

(Grossmeier et al., 2016)

Wellbeing risk is real and urgent.

Neglecting wellbeing at work has unprecedented negative impacts on burnout, turnover rates, sick leave, motivation, work satisfaction and more and therefore on your organisation’s sustainable success.
  • 50% of UK workforce report signs of burnout
  • £53-56 billion estimated UK annual cost of poor mental health, equal to 2.6% of GDP, +25% compared to 2019
  • 61% of UK workforce cite poor mental health as their reason for leaving their organisation 

Source: Grossmeier et al., 2016 & Deloitte UK Mental Health Report 2022

On top of the traditional sources of stress (E.g. sales targets, re-org, management style,..), employees now face new and rising stressors such as work/non-work boundaries management, global economic threat, hybrid work but also geo-political conflicts, social and racial injustices, climate and pandemic threats…

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