Build wellbeing within your team

Our workshops are outcome-driven, tailored or off-the-shelf, self-served or facilitated. They aim to collectively develop wellbeing coping skills and strategies to thrive despite adversities.

Our most popular workshops

Assessing and improving your wellbeing

Assess individual wellbeing level, develop a personalised wellbeing action plan to raise individual wellbeing (...)

Wellbeing for managers

Raise awareness of the critical importance of wellbeing, learn to practise self-care (...)

Coping with stress & growing resilience

Develop self-awareness towards stress, learn and practise coping techniques (...)

Developing Kindness

Build a culture of kindness within your team and your organisation by raising awareness of the benefits (...)

Practising detachment

Raise awareness of the importance of detachment, collectively identify and apply detachment practises (...)

Creating your team norms

Team’s commitment to respect them, Improvement of team’s wellbeing and performance

You want your team to collectively
develop wellbeing practices