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When you feel at your best, You perform at your best. We propose 1-on-1 and group wellbeing coaching – specially tailored for high-achieving leaders who struggle with unhealthy boundaries, stress, overwork, team management or feeling of overwhelm…Wellbeing Coaching is about motivatin and supporting positive changes toward ENHANCED WELLBEING through a proven coaching process developed by Duke university and a trusted partnership between you and your coach.  Our coaches will help you boost your wellbeing so that you and your organisation can reach full potential and sustainable performance. Coachin g can be done in French and English. 

Step 1


Foster self-awareness, identify and prioritise your wellbeing goals. Wellbeing encompasses various interrelated areas such as mental, physical, social covering both professional and personal aspects.  

Step 2

Action Plan

Develop a personalised action plan by leveraging evidence-based practises, defining relevant action steps to achieve your wellbeing goals.

Step 3


Sustain changes over time by progressively taking action, and analysing impacts to adjust strategies for lasting success


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Collectively develop wellbeing coping skills and strategies to thrive despite adversities.
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Unlock teams potential and sustainable performance.​
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Raise awareness of the strategic advantage of wellbeing and promote best practices.

You want to better take care of yourself, wellbeing coaching can help